Putting down my burden.

Approximately 22,000,000 minutes ago my mother died. I have felt angry that she died for most of this time, angry, betrayed, abandoned. I am trying to reconcile those feelings with the reality of the situation and I am certain she didn’t want to die – it was an aneurysm that killed her. She didn’t leave […]

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On a recent trip…

On a recent trip to Chicago I didn’t see many smilesSo I displayed my own. On the “L” I saw people who looked scared and angry, sad and predatorySo I smiled for them all. When the cold Chicago wind battered my back on the way to the trainI smiled at the way the cold tasted, […]

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“We’re doing a quiet set today, we’ve had too much, shouting over the past year.” Jhonn Balance – “And the Ambulance Died in His Arms” That swirling misty mind who’s clutches ensnare us all. Mental illness hurts. It blocks out all love it hides us from the sunlight. It will never stop. How can our […]

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What is Regret? – Part 1

At some indeterminate time during my early teenage years I found a cassette tape that my mother had recorded. It was an audio letter she had started to make for her parents in England during a time when we lived in India. I found it as I was searching for cassettes to record music on, […]

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