Peeling Away

Peeling away the layers of my onionEvery layer burns as the tears roll downWhat’s at the core is even more causticThat must be purged before it finds it’s own way out.

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A few simple things…

In my opinion the human experience would be a lot more pleasant if we were taught at an early age some very simple things: 1. We are each, solely responsible for our own mental state. This is true at all times.2. Mental health is just like physical health, it is something we need to take […]

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Like the tendrils of smoke wafting between my synapses that come back time and time again. Like a suddenly beating heart and panic and the need to flee that WAKES ME THE FUCK UP, sweating, needing… Like the evil lie that wakes me some mornings with a start that I KNOW ABSOLUTELY IS THE ONLY TRUTH. […]

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