Equinox 15, JMoNoisey Live Modular/Elektron Octatrack/OP-1 Set

I played a two hour live modular dark ambient set at Equinox 15.  Here’s the link, it’s a free download.

Mastering by Kri Samadhi.

A message from the temple.

Titled, “Programmed to seek for ever”

We are all programmed in so many ways. From our first day of life we have had our parents, family and peers telling us how to live.

Western religion tells us that we must keep on coming back to them in order to be rewarded with their salvation.

Capitalism keeps us chasing after “ownership” of that next shiny thing in order to be happy, never satisfied with what we have. Money begets nothing more than a desire for more money, Western religion begets nothing more than closeted and hateful individuals.

We are trained to be unhappy in the moment. We are trained to be junkies, always in agony on the inside, embroiled in hating our flaws and anesthetizing ourselves with religion, drugs, people and things.

We are trained to feel good by putting other people down, whether it’s because of skin color, ideology, intelligence, musical taste, fashion sense, sexuality or whatever other increasingly small slither of reality that people can find to hurt each other with.

We are trained to be always seeking, never finding happiness of any kind.

The truth is that we don’t need any other person, religion, place or thing in order to be enough, in order to be love and be loved. That is a decision that we can each make for ourselves, but we aren’t trained to be that way. We aren’t trained to be happy, we are trained to be perpetual seekers of something else.

Sit down, sit still, breathe, be.

End of transmission.


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