Programmed to seek for ever

A message from the temple. Titled, “Programmed to seek for ever” We are all programmed in so many ways.  From our first day of life we have had our parents, family and peers telling us how to live.   Western religion tells us that we must keep on coming back to them in order to […]

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What I do.

By Jamie Howton, 2013 I dig myself holes, the blackest of emotional oubliettes that I willingly and repeatedly climb down into. No light penetrates. No love is perceivable. The end is right there. I wallow in my own despair, my own sorrow, my own anguish this is a poisonous place, it doesn’t support real life. […]

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Spider on the porch…

Cara saw it at the end of the porch where the spider built it weeks ago, it was a good place for a web.  The golden morning light was shining in just the right way. She said “you should take a picture, it will only be like that for a few minutes” I hesitated for a […]

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Like the tendrils of smoke wafting between my synapses that come back time and time again. Like a suddenly beating heart and panic and the need to flee that WAKES ME THE FUCK UP, sweating, needing… Like the evil lie that wakes me some mornings with a start that I KNOW ABSOLUTELY IS THE ONLY TRUTH. […]

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