What I do.

By Jamie Howton, 2013 I dig myself holes, the blackest of emotional oubliettes that I willingly and repeatedly climb down into. No light penetrates. No love is perceivable. The end is right there. I wallow in my own despair, my own sorrow, my own anguish this is a poisonous place, it doesn’t support real life. […]

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Spider on the porch…

Cara saw it at the end of the porch where the spider built it weeks ago, it was a good place for a web.  The golden morning light was shining in just the right way. She said “you should take a picture, it will only be like that for a few minutes” I hesitated for a […]

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Like the tendrils of smoke wafting between my synapses that come back time and time again. Like a suddenly beating heart and panic and the need to flee that WAKES ME THE FUCK UP, sweating, needing… Like the evil lie that wakes me some mornings with a start that I KNOW ABSOLUTELY IS THE ONLY TRUTH. […]

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