On a recent trip…

ImageOn a recent trip to Chicago I didn’t see many smiles
So I displayed my own.

On the “L” I saw people who looked scared and angry, sad and predatory
So I smiled for them all.

When the cold Chicago wind battered my back on the way to the train
I smiled at the way the cold tasted, it was only a five minute walk.

When the homeless man asked for a smoke, well, that was hard. My inner dick came back pronto, like a shield, and I spewed “Why don’t you leave me the fuck alone…” but I knew before I took my next third step that I could fix that. And I did. I was sorry and I told him so, we talked for a good few minutes, shared a smoke and parted with hugs, two humans connected.

I live my life now like I want it to be
In spite of what the streets of Chicago taught me .
I see it all now, plain as day
That isn’t how life has to be.

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