How to “fix” our political system…

ImageNew rule:

If you have the desire to run for public office you are disqualified from ever doing so (we obviously need some sort of litmus test here but let’s keep the psychopaths away from areas where they can do harm).

All of the citizens who have no desire whatsoever to be President, Senator, Whatever, should be put into a lottery. If you are unlucky enough to be picked you have to do the job for a year, when you have served you are free to go back to your previous life. You are forever barred from making any money in the private sector because of your service (can’t profit from the crime). Your pay while in office is the same as your previous job plus expenses required by the office you are filling, and maybe a little extra because let’s face it, politics is a shitty job that no-one their right mind would want anything to do with.

No more campaigning, no more lying, no more mutilated promises and no more secret agendas.

Much less parasitic drag on the entire system.

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