A few simple things…

ImageIn my opinion the human experience would be a lot more pleasant if we were taught at an early age some very simple things:

1. We are each, solely responsible for our own mental state. This is true at all times.
2. Mental health is just like physical health, it is something we need to take charge of and work on continuously.
3. Happiness is something we need to create for ourselves and it needs to come from within ourselves.
4. Helping other people without it being asked or expecting a return is the only external path to true happiness. Everyone should pursue this path, always.

If we devoted the first five years of people’s education to really learning those things, teaching them the tools to seek happiness before teaching them academics, well, that would be something truly wonderful.  In my opinion.

One thought on “A few simple things…

  1. In the vein of being solely responsible, take charge of who and what what you expose yourself to then, others can and WILL try to affect and suck the life out of you… We may be Responsible, but others love muscling in on our gigs and leaving their indelible marks on our psyche…

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