Made the switch to android…

…again.  I have been flipping back and forth between iOS and android devices since the first versions of both. My feelings to date have been that iOS has been the better os however hardware on the android offerings is often better. That is to date. I got my hands on Android 4.1.2 running on a Google Nexus 7 and I think I’m ready to say that Jellybean is finally better than iOS.  So, with excellent hardware available and finally an awesome os to run on it, yesterday I trundled off to the Verizon store and plunked down a wad for an HTC Droid DNA.  I’ll let you read the plethora of reviews that already exist online rather than repeat what’s already been said. So far I like the phone, I like it a lot in fact. I’m typing this post on it in fact while standing in an Alta store with April. My only concern so far are the multiple reviews of poor battery life. I’ll know quickly, I’m travelling tomorrow.

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