Tipp City, OH



Another coffee shop, another photoshoot, another sleepy Ohio town. To call this place a city is definitely more reminiscent of the American definition of “City” than the European one; its only real qualification being that they had some multi-story brick buildings 180 years ago. Not a lot has happened since about 1860 when the railroad came through, and in fact they are still trying to sell bits of it off in the numerous antique shops.

Once again the coffee is good though which largely mitigates the century and a half of stagnation in my mind.

There are many places like this in america. I have been through this exact town in numerous states.  People lost in time because of decisions made generations ago.  The surrounding countryside is populated with farms and 1970’s vintage ranch style housing. Large, chainlink fenced lots surround bland pale rectangles of yellow grass. Middle America.

I walked around town and shot some photos, I might have a couple of decent shots. It’s 23 degrees Fahrenheit though so that didn’t last long. Hence me sitting in a coffee shop again.

I am, however, particularly enamored with the Google Nexus 7 tablet. I’m typing on it presently and must say that I’m very impressed with this device and with Android Jelly Bean, almost to the point that I’m considering moving to an Android phone from an iPhone 5.

I am finishing this in bed after a 7 hour drive home in the rain. In retrospect I had a wonderful weekend. Had some good time with April, some good alone time and shot some decent photos. Thanks Ohio.

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