Columbus, OH


Sitting in a coffee shop in Germantown area of Columbus, OH. April is getting some photos taken and I’ve had enough of walking around outside in the rain. Although I shouldn’t be complaining; Columbus, January, rain, WTF?

The coffee shop is warm and I opted for it instead of the Starbucks half a block away. I walked past the latter to get to the former and I’m pleased that I did. The cappuccino is warm and bitter, the creme adding a nice but subtle sweetness. The first drink is hot but I have committed to too much. My mouth is full of scalding coffee and I have nowhere to go but gulp – and that’s not good either. Now the pain travels down

my throat and into my guts, but we’ve all been here right…

This place is pretty trendy, primary colored ceiling with local art hawked on every flat space. Inflated prices and art nouveau furniture, tables full of hipsters on Macbooks – there are a distinct lack of smiles. Good coffee though and I suppose that makes the utter predictability a little less disappointing.

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