Contemplating a trip to Montana in January

Hello, my name is Jamie.

Not being one of the smartest guys in the world, I, as well as a group on investors bought a manufacturing business in Bozeman Montana in 2006. Now we did visit Bozeman prior to closing the deal, and during those visits and during our research we did in fact realize that it gets cold there during the winter. We didn’t quite realize how cold. I have enjoyed skiing, snowboarding and winter cycling for 20+ years and I lived in Chicago for 30 years so I am comfortable with winter weather. The combination of Chicago and Bozeman have convinced me that I don’t like to be cold and I don’t really like snow all that much either. Maybe it’s because I’m aging, maybe it’s because I live in the South now, but I don’t like this shit. So this afternoon in anticipation of having to go to Bozeman next week I went in search of an additional jacket. Not a jacket to wear outside mind you, I needed another coat to wear in the conference room. So with that thought I’ll say goodbye for tonight.

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