Live at Cambient Amping V

I played a two hour live modular synth/Elektron Octatrack/Teenage Engineering OP-1 set at a really sweet Ambient party in West Asheville, NC here’s the recording:

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Equinox 15

I was invited to play a live modular synth set at the fifteenth year of the Equinox festival in Western North Carolina.  This is my recording of that set.  I ended the recording by accident about five minutes early, c’est la vie.

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Ambient Rave Volume 1


I am honored to have been asked to record a track to be featured on AMBIENT WAVE RECORDS split release titled “Ambient Rave Volume 1”.  “Souls in Amber” is a modular synthesizer piece recorded in one shot.  The album is a free download, I hope you enjoy:


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